Proserve offer numerous value added services to make sure your supply chain is as streamlined and cost effective as possible. Decanting and repacking services may be necessary when products arriving from suppliers need to be repacked into customised containers for ease of picking during assembly, or repacked due to shipment damage for your end users. If your production processes require customised containers Proserve can collect, wash and re-use these according to your demand, reducing manual handling.

Decanting and repacking services include the following:

Decanting Service Benefits / Cost Savings
Competitive decant service
  • Remove headcount for decant
  • Save valuable floor space for production activities
  • Eliminates / reduces manual handling
Decanted to meet production call off
  • Reduces stock holding at production site
  • Reduces headcount for stock control
  • Pre-delivery quality inspection thus reducing defective product arriving on site
Precision Washing of machined parts during decant
  • Reduces handling when decant and washing combined together
  • Parts ready to go straight to the line
Waste Management
  • Remove headcount for waste management
  • Reduce waste provider costs
  • Assists with achieving Zero to Landfill Status


Repacking Service Benefits / Cost Savings
Repacking of damaged in transit product
  • Reduces stock losses
  • Maintains professional integrity
  • Reduces non-conformances raised against supplier
  • Data Reporting on packaging performance


To enquire about how Proserve can help with your decanting and repacking requirements please get in contact by calling: 01978 664630